Nominated by Brandon Ellis, our current station manager, Ari Romo has accomplished more in her position than anyone else before her. The promotions director for Aggie Radio is a tough job, but one Ari handles well. DJing since her freshman year, Ari has moved up positions, continuously showing us what’s she’s capable of.

Currently Ari is busy leading marketing campaigns, events, and general station promotions. Working with bands and collecting data, all with the goal of improving things for the next event. Constantly working and improving, Ari has set herself three future goals.

“1. Open up my own non-profit center around refugee and immigrant families going through the education system.

  1. Data analytics in the music industry (maybe working for a music streaming platform or a promotion company).
  2. Marketing for a company that is involved in humanitarian work, the music industry, or the outdoor recreation lifestyle.”

Part of accomplishing her goals is working on her education. Ari is majoring in psychology, a topic she not only finds interesting but important. “Psychology, understanding your situation, the people you want to be involved with is important, especially when analyzing and executing promotions.” When Ari’s not busy working towards her goals she can be found outside, doing anything from volleyball, to climbing, to hiking. Or possibly making music and going to concerts.

Being a part of Student Media will hopefully help Ari in her future endeavors. Through being a part of Aggie Radio Ari has learned so much. “I went to a CBI conference in San Antonio and learned so much about the music industry in general, and how to expand our own organization.”

After graduation Ari will be looking for a job in Salt Lake City, “so if anyone has any leads on jobs relating to the ones I mentioned then let me know!”

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