Frances has been working with USU Student Media since November as a sales advertisement representative. She works to contact local businesses to “see if USU Student Media can help them achieve their advertising goals.” Frances’s first client was Gigi’s Cupcakes, “I loved working with Gigi’s! Erin, the manager, lived in the mid-west and we joked around about all the mid-west things. Like how we call vacuums, sweepers.”

Her favorite memory with Student Media is “when I made my first sale and I got to ring the bell! That was pretty funny to do like at 8 in the morning.” When Frances is not making sales, she rides for USU Western Equestrian Team serving as their co-captain. Frances also loves to read psychology books and binge watch Netflix.

Frances is studying agriculture education because, “I want to educate the next generation of farmers and community members to use their knowledge to their full potential!” She hopes to teach high school locally or in Wyoming while working to get a Master’s for Utah State.

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