Shelby was nominated by Cimaron, adviser for The Utah Statesman for her… “exceptional leadership and consistency as the Student Life Content Manager… She also shows effectiveness in implementing new ideas from implementing unique page layouts even if she doesn’t know how to do them, and trying things that will help improve the visibility of the section on many platforms… Congratulations for setting a consistent example and bar of expectation of what a content manager should do.”.

Shelby is The Utah Statesman’s Student Life Content Manager and has worked for Student Media since her freshman year. She started as an intern before working as a staff writer, and the senior writer for the Student Life section.

“My biggest responsibilities include managing the Student Life writers and publishing our stories to the Statesman website and our social media channels. I assign out stories in our weekly meetings and oversee the training of new writers as well as manage Tweets of the Week.”

Between working with Student Media and double majoring in agricultural communications and journalism Shelby keeps busy. But staying busy is worth it for her as her majors and work encompass her passions.

“Growing up on my grandfather’s cattle ranch, raising pigs for 4H and being involved in FFA gave me a passion for agriculture. I knew I wanted to keep agriculture as a part of my life and my education.”

While her love of agriculture remains a part of what Shelby is working towards, her dream is to find a job in journalism after graduation.

“My hope is to find a job in the Cache Valley area working in social media after graduating in December while my husband finishes school. But really I would be up for any job in the journalism field! A more personal goal that I have is to become a mom after finishing my schooling. I’m just ready to see what life has to offer me!”

In her free time Shelby loves spending time with her husband and their families. She also loves playing the piano or the harp, watching This is Us and going to Utah Jazz games. Being out with friends is another thing Shelby enjoys.

Some of her favorite memories with Student Media are the annual retreats at Bear Lake and trips to Wyoming.

“One of my favorite experiences with Student Media is from my freshman year when the Student Life staff had the opportunity to experience Cache Valley’s first escape room. It was so much fun and we managed to escape with only a few minutes left on the clock!”

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