Four members of Aggie Radio’s Board of Directors attended the CBI Conference in Seattle for the College Broadcasters Inc., (CBI) Conference October 24 to 27. The conference provides college students the opportunity to network and learn from people in the industry as well as with other college students.

During the event they attended presentations about various topics related to college radio and student media. They also had the opportunity to explore Seattle a little bit and visit other college radio stations. Lydia Velazquez, Music Director for Aggie Radio and Zoey Marty, Programming Director for Aggie Radio went to a show KSPU (Seattle Pacific University’s student radio station) was putting on.

“It was cool to actually see what other student radio stations are doing,” Velazquez said.

Some of the most memorable events for Velazquez were getting gelato, getting breakfast at Pike Place, getting Seattle dogs.

“Essentially eating our way through Seattle,” she said.

Attending events like this are very important and can be beneficial because of the things that those who attend learn.

“It was a great bonding experience for the members of the board that went and it was a good opportunity for networking and learning from other college radio stations,” Velazquez said. “There were so many sessions and so many things we got to learn about, everything from communication and putting on a live show to how to ensure our station is legal and how to get a job in the music industry. Definitely planning on incorporating some things that other college radio stations are doing, but with our own Aggie Radio touch.”

We are looking forward to seeing the changes that will be implemented due to what the board members learned at this conference.

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