About Us

We've been around the block a few times . . . 117 times to be exact.


Our story begins in November 1902 as Student Life, a twenty-page magazine dedicated to showing and expressing the interests of the Agricultural College of Utah.

The Student Life Staff had a lot of fun creating new and special editions of the magazine-turned newspaper. From commencement issues, to Student Lies editions, printing on blue paper and getting censored, they did it all.


On February 7, the new studio of KVSC presented a series of semi–weekly live broadcasts on Tuesday and Thursday nights directed mostly to students, campus personnel and community members.


Then came change in 1978. A full-time advisor was hired and student life turned into The Utah Statesman in an effort to sound more newspaper-y.

Mission Statement

To inform and entertain the public while training and developing our students.

USU Student Media is a student-run on-campus group comprised of The Utah Statesman and Aggie Radio 92.3 FM KBLU-LP located in the Taggart Student Center on the Utah State University Logan main campus. Student Media is part of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center and is watched over by 2 full-time advisors.

In addition to The Utah Statesman and Aggie Radio, USU Student Media also created and maintains aggiecribs.com, a housing website for USU students; organizes events and produces special magazines throughout the year.

Many advertising options are available for on campus groups, departments, and colleges as well as for off campus local and national businesses.

Check out our special magazines:


 The Statesman and Aggie Radio were moved under the leadership of the Student Involvement and Leadership office to create Student Media. The office was relocated from TSC 105 to TSC 311.


Aggie Radio launched an FM station, 92.3 KBLU-LP, a culmination of nearly three years worth of work. Tune in to Aggie Radio 92.3 KNLU-LP for music, shows, sports broadcasts and more.


The Student Media Center was created taking the spot that Zion’s Bank used to fill in TSC 118.


 Today, the Statesman has seen growth online and on social media. Student Media has done well in the awards circle winning many journalism, design, and multimedia awards on the stake and national level. In addition to the newspaper and Aggie Radio, Student Media produced a new special magazine, Highlander, and continues to grow.

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