In 1974 if you wanted to dress like a male chauvinist head on over to Keith O’Brien.

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The editorial article ‘Students are adults’ received wide-spread attention and angered administration and other leaders. It criticized a dress code rule, smoking regulations, dorm visitation, and prior criticism the magazine received for using freedom of press. This caused the administration to be upset and the paper received letters regarding that editorial. 

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This editorial titled ‘Destructive Missions’ caused a large amount of controversy. The editorial criticized the LDS missionary service, claiming that these missions “vigorously campaign for the destruction of another’s way of life” and that it “is a crime”. This editorial saw many letters to the editor and eventually an editorial was written as an apology for what was said. 

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These are some of the letters that were sent in as a result of the editorials written previously.

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This was a response as a result of the letters that the paper received regarding the editorial “Destructive Missions”.

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This was the “apology” editorial that was issued after controversy over the “Destructive Missions’ editorial.

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Did you know Nigeria became a nation in 1960? Student Life commemorates the 14th anniversary of Nigeria as a nation. According to the article, the name “Nigeria” comes from the word “Niger” meaning great river. “Nigeria” means “Land of the Mighty River” or “The Country fo the Great Waters.” Click here to read more about the birth of Nigeria.

Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments caused features writer, Linda Perry, to wonder what Congress will decide after 90 days of deliberation. “Would everything go co-educational? Bathrooms, showers, dorms, intercollegiate sports, and clubs . . . opponents say yes.” Contrast this to today’s arguments on Title IX and equality in bathrooms. Click here to read the article. 

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