This Saturday, September 8 marks USU’s first home football game of the season.I n preparation for Utah State Football‘s first home game of the season, here’s a #throwback to #1944 featuring Utah State University Athletics‘ Kent ‘Rambling’ Ryan (left) and University of Nebraska Cornhuskers‘ Sam Francis (right). Both were picked on the official “All-American” football team in 1937. 

“These two gridiron stars played together on the West team in the annual East-West game, then three years later, played against each other when Ryan was with the Detroit Lions and Francis was with the Chicago Bears.”



It’s the week of the year’s big social . . . . the Military Ball!



“Buy an Extra Bond today”

“Let’s back up our fighting men by keeping in there pitching till the thing is cinched. Victory takes something extra to win. Make it an Extra War Bond . . . Today . . . Now!”


Four Dream Dates of Utah State

“Artist Everett Thorpe presents his second annual conception of the most beautiful Utah State girls pledged by campus sororities.”

Do you have a dream date here at Utah State?



Easter Time is ‘De Time for Style

“You’ll see that some choose a flaming print dress, or a delicately tinted silk dress or a sleek summer suit. The hats, of course, the men will claim are worse than ever, but you’ll see that bright flowers and small off-the-face models will be most popular.”

But are the hats worse than ever?

Extra! Extra!

Board of trustees requested that then-President E.G. Peterson resign after he requested funding and more buildings for the Utah State Agricultural College. Students protested the request, but Peterson still resigned.

Harris Succeeds Peterson as President of USAC

Dr. Franklin S. Harris succeeded E.G. Peterson who stepped down as the president of the USAC.


This “Mac” Has A Narrow Escape

See the Marine in the back standing up? While wearing his helmet, he received two holes in it.

“A bullet entered the side and left in front . . . The smoke is caused by the powder from the howitzer and by sand and coral kicked up by projectiles from Jap guns.”



“After more than 54 years of constant wear, the ancient sandstone step on the southern entrance of the Old Main is gone!”

The old sandstone step was replaced early October 1944 and set aside for safe keeping and until it could be displayed with other Utah State memoirs. It was replaced with a new cement step.

Click on the image to read more about the history the sandstone step saw.



Utah State Pin Up Boy

Lt. Richard F. Hadfield, chosen by Aggie coeds as “Pin-up Boy of Utah State.” He “is one that most girls dream of owning. He is just the type most girls go for–good looking, good physique, and well . . . ask Barbara, she can tell you all about him. He was stationed here at Utah State at one time with the air corps.”



Slick as a Whistle!

“The freshest, gayest shows in many a moon . . . Ankle slimming models to compliment your feet and the new feminine fashions you will be wearing this season.”

Student Lies

Student Lies is a mock issue of Student Life. Check out some of these surprising headlines from the 1944 Student Lies section.

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